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Tropic, UT 84776

Fax:    435-679-8709

Origin / Destination
Las Vegas, Nevada - served by major airlines - is our starting and ending point.
Plan to arrive in Las Vegas the afternoon or evening prior to your trail ride whether you fly or drive. If it is closer, more convenient, or if you are bringing your own horse, you can start your trip at Bryce Canyon, Utah. You will need to contact our office to make these arrangements.

Where To Stay



One night's lodging will be charged if reservations are canceled less than 24 hours prior to arrival. Reservations made within 30 days of arrival will be subject to availability. If you are not staying at the Hyatt Place Las Vegas please let our office know where you are staying and the telephone number.

Emergency Contact Telephone Numbers

Emergency Contact Info:
Canyon Trail Rides:  435-679-8665
Pete & Keela Mangum:  435-679-8816
Houstons’ Restaurant: 435-644-2488
Robert D. Houston: 801-550-7864

Getting Started
A representative will meet you at 7:00 PM the evening before
your trip in the lobby area of the Hyatt Place Las Vegas. The meeting will last 30-45 minutes. A representative will discuss the trip and answer any last minute questions you may have.
You should be packed, dressed in your riding clothes and ready to go early the morning of the trip - usually 5:00 am.  Our representative will confirm the exact departure time the evening before.

When And Where The Trip Ends
The trail ride ends Sunday morning in Kanab, Utah. We will transport you back to the Hyatt Place in Las Vegas, Nevada. We normally arrive around 12:00 noon Las Vegas time. As arrival times can vary due to unforeseen circumstances we suggest that return flights home be scheduled no earlier than 3:00 PM Las Vegas time.

Clothing For The Ride
Many a wonderful vacation has been spoiled by wearing uncomfortable clothing or the wrong kind of shoes. We want you to have a good time on your trail ride so please take these suggestions into consideration. Leather boots need to be well broken in, a pair of tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes should be brought along to wear in camp.  Open toed shoes provide no protection from cactus and insects. Weather conditions are unpredictable and we recommend that you bring a water resistant coat or slicker to tie behind your saddle. Baseball caps are ok, but cowboy hats are best for shedding rain and provide protection from the sun, make sure your cowboy hat has a stamped or choke string on it. We suggest that you bring a warm sleeping bag with a sheet and pillow. We will provide a foam pad and cot. Because the trail ride is in the spring or fall, we advise you to bring clothing for warm weather as well as cold weather. We suggest that you use heavy duty canvas duffle bags or sturdy luggage that can take abuse.

This is a western outdoor vacation. It is physically demanding and participants should be in good physical condition.  It is important that participants understand that we will make every reasonable effort to provide emergency medical services and evacuation if needed, but sometimes we will be in very remote sites that will take extra time to provide the needed medical attention.

We feel it is prudent to purchase short term travel, cancellation and accident insurance. Policies can be purchases to cover the length of your vacation and include personal accident coverage and/or luggage and personal affects.  In addition check with your insurance agent to see if your home owners policy covers loss or damage to your camera, luggage, etc.

Special Arrangements
 If you would like to start or end the trail ride different than we have outlined for the group, you can make special arrangements with our office 435-679-8665.
  • If you are on a special diet you may bring your own food or notify us and we will try and accommodate your needs.
  • If you have any other special needs or requirements please contact our office.

Important - If You Change Your Plans
Please be sure to write us (or call if there is less than 15 days before your trip) if any change in your plans has occurred which affects your trail ride.  Our telephone number. Is 435-679-8665, Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  We can often be reached at the same number on weekends or during evening hours.

There will be opportunities to purchase souvenirs and mementos of your trip, so we suggest you bring some cash with you. You may want to bring additional money for wrangler gratuities.

Suggested Clothing & Equipment To Bring
(Use as a check-list)

__ Two-piece rain suit or slicker __ Sunglasses and glass retainer
__ Sweat suit __ Bandanna, scarf, dust mask (trails are dusty sometimes)
__ Jacket or sweater __ Insect repellent
__ Sleep wear __ Cotton sheet (for sleeping on top of bag in hot weather)
__ Windbreaker __ Special medications
__ Socks __ Journals, pencils, paper
__ Long slacks levis/sweats __ Toothbrush, toothpaste
__ Shirts or blouses  consider long sleeves for sun protection __ Deodorant
__ Boots or tennis shoes, thongs to wear in shower __ Shaving cream/razor
__ Shampoo and soap __ Personal feminine hygiene items
__ Towel and washcloth __ Make-up
__ Cowboy hat or baseball caps __ Comb, brush, hair spray
__ Black magic marker  labeling film and other items __ Musical instrument
__ Underwear __ Stampede or choke string for you hat
__ Suntan lotion and sunscreen (generous supply) __ Ear plugs for light sleepers
__ Lip balm __ Pillow
__ Flashlight and extra batteries __ Saddle bags
__ Hand/body lotion __ Long johns
__ Camera, film __ Riding Helmet
__ Warm Sleeping Bag