About Us

Houston's Trail's End, Inc.

All meals will be prepared and served to you by the Houston family, which has been in the restaurant and mobile catering business for over 42 years, and is known for their sumptuous food. They have been very successful and sincerely believe in offering superior personal service.

Houston's Trail's End, Inc. has a history of going anywhere, any time, under any conditions to bring food into the most remote places. Their facilities have been set up in city parks, truck stops, dusty deserts, and salmon fish hatcheries. Dealing with the extremes of Mother Nature has been a part of their past--from mountain peaks to desert floors--temperatures have ranged from 20 degrees to 127 in the shade. Snow, hail and rain have not stopped them.


The Houstons have fed forest firefighters all over the west. They are capable of setting up a restaurant anywhere. Their operations have taken them to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and California to serve others. Since the beginning, Houston's has prepared and served over six million meals at remote sites all over the west. This certainly proves that they know how to take care of people. It's their business, and they take great pride in personal service and providing hospitality second to none.

Canyon Trail Rides

Pete & Keela Mangum and family have guided riders through Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyon national parks for over 44 years. They have over 300 horses and dozens of sure-footed mules from which you can choose. Their wranglers take riders of all types and levels into the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon every day. They love the beauty of the country and the camaraderie of people. They are committed to your service and safety. This is their country and they want to share it with you. The Mangum family has guided riders from the world over, including the Prince of Thailand, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, and staff from National Geographic magazine, among many others. Their film credits are too numerous to mention here. Their wranglers have been with them for years and, yes, they're real cowboys.

The Red Rock Ride provides a quality western ride experience. We welcome individuals, families, or special interest groups. Our horses are gentle and are ridden frequently, but we must insist that you have some riding experience--no beginners.


With the history of the Mangum and Houston families, you can see they have had very much success in their businesses. Their secret is personal service to you. They have teamed up to bring you the very best horse ride vacation they can. They will do anything they can to accommodate you. Their businesses have been serving others for over 40 years and that is what they enjoy doing.

On one of rides a couple named Kevin and Joyce wanted to be married on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Houston's and the Mangum's took care of all the little details, making the arrangements so all they needed to do was say "I do!" They had the time of their lives and will always cherish the memories of The Red Rock Ride.

As you can see, Robert, DayLean, Pete, Keela and the rest of the gang will go to any lengths to make sure you have an unforgettable time.

So take the adventure! Take The Red Rock Ride!